Theme of Nepal IGF 2018

The theme of the Nepal IGF 2018 is “Making Internet accessible, affordable and safe”.



The sub-theme to organize the workshops at Nepal IGF 2018 are:

  1. Multi Stakeholder Model and Governance

Governance of internet is of primary concern to all the stakeholders and each of the stakeholders have important role to make the internet affordable, accessible and safe. Under this sub-theme issues including evolution of Internet governance, current status of internet governance in Nepal, Name and Numbers, ISOC and ICANN Collaboration, Challenges of multistakeholder model and citizens participation can be discussed.

  1. Inclusion and Human Rights

The full potential of the socio-economic benefits that internet and internet mediated technologies enable can only be realised if access to internet infrastructure and content is accessible to all. Issues relating to human rights such as freedom of expression, right to privacy, data protection and issues relating digital divide, gendered internet, access to people with disability, youth, people with different gender identities and sexual orientation etc will be discussed under this sub-theme. These issues are the public policy issue which need collaboration and multistakeholder approach towards driving the internet ecosystem ensuring equality and diversity.

  1. Emerging Technologies

New and emerging technologies are an important aspects of internet governance. The scope and status of new technologies and issues such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things, Internet of Everythings, SDN (Software define network) etc., will be discussed under this sub-theme.

  1. Access, Infrastructure and Affordability

Accessibility and Affordability of internet is closely related to infrastructure available in country. Issue of access becomes more important in a landlocked and mountainous country like Nepal with difficult geographical terrain. Further, issue of affordability is multidimensional and interrelated with income, gender, youth, private sector, tax regime and quality of service, which will be discussed under this sub-theme.

  1. Security, Trust and Privacy

As the internet is growing the issues of security, trust and privacy has come upfront not just as basic right but has been challenging the overall concept of internet core values.  Furthermore, the evolution of technology has created a gap where these issues has been vulnerable and prioritized for their roles and responsibilities. Privacy and security concerns over internet has increased over the years along with rapid technological developments, use of surveillance by the formal mechanisms and agencies as well as corporations. In a world where data is a new oil internet citizens concern about safe, secure and protected online and issues relating to Cyber security, online safety is what Nepal IGF will discuss under this sub-theme.

  1. Media and Local Content

In context of internet, media and local content plays an important role. One of the major way to regulate internet is regulation of internet content. Governments around the globe has used content regulation to regulate the internet. Further, online media has transformed the way we consume and produce news and information; along with proliferation of fake news and misinformation in the media ecosystem. Lack of content in accessible language has kept large section of citizenry offline and sustained and enlarged the gap aimed to bridge.  Further, over dominance of foreign content and language has created a sense of discrimination where native and local content has been a voice. In this context issues relating to social media, fake Information and disinformation, local content etc will be discussed under this sub-theme.

  1. Law and Policy

Legal landscape of Nepal relating to internet and internet content has been changing. Nepal has recently enacted the Civil and Criminal Code and the parliament has passed the Individual privacy bill. Further, Nepal government has been working on Information Technology Bill. Online Media Directive is another instrument which regulates the content on internet. In this context, Nepal IGF will discuss the issues relating to laws and policies under this sub-theme.

  1. Others

Other issues relating to internet governance such as economic opportunities using Internet, Creative Digital Economics, Internet and SDGs, Internet and Environment, Technical and Operational Topics can also be discussed in Nepal IGF 2018.